New Website

This one time Barry was all like "Yo, can you make me a website that's like a combination of facebook and twitter and AOL 3.0??" I told him it wasn't going to work out, but he kept saying, "Listen, bro, all I have are good ideas and I have like 75 of them right now, can you do this or not?" And I was like, yea Barry, that's cool and all, I guess I'll do it. And he was all like "Yea you better do it, it's better than sitting around all day playing Twisted Metal 2 on that busted 27 inch tube tv you've got" And I was like, "yea, you're right". Then he was all like "Alright, solid, so like in the meantime can you put up one of those 'under construction' banners? One of the sweet ones with like a guy with a shovel, none of that static bull. And get me like 25000 followers on twitter and the number one spot on google for 'facebook'"

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